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Let's get emojional

What spontaneously comes to mind when you think of the tcworld conference?

A warm smile, raised eyebrows or when you can clearly see that another person's light has just come on – emotions make for liveliness and create connection. They are part of a great event. Even, or especially, a digital event!

Although we can't read the minds of our fellow human beings with a gaze sweeping over the room as we used to, in modern times we have other ways and means! Let's make emotions visible with a colorful social media activity! There is also an attractive prize to be won.

How does it work?

Show your emotions: what spontaneously comes to mind about the tcworld conference?

  • Record for posterity whatever moves you by painting, scribbling, drawing.
  • Then go to Café tekom, sit down at the emoji table and present your picture there.
  • Take a screenshot as you hold your artwork up to the camera.
  • Post the screenshot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn with the hashtag #cafétekomemoji by November 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM.


From all screenshots posted and tagged with hashtag #cafétekomemoji, we will draw a ticket for tcworld conference 2022. We will inform by private message the person drawn via the social media channel on which the screenshot was posted. The prize must be claimed within 24 hours.

Note: At this time, we do not know if the conference will be held on site, digitally or hybrid due to the ongoing pandemic. Should the conference be hybrid, you can choose between a digital and an on-site ticket. The ticket is also transferable.

Get out your pen, crayon, charcoal, or watercolors and let your feelings run free! Whether on canvas or post-its, the main thing is to have fun!

Terms and conditions of participation


By participating in the raffle, you agree to the terms and conditions of participation and the use of your personal data for the raffle as described there. This includes a possible mention of your name as the winner.


1. Who is the organizer of the raffle?


The organizer is tcworld GmbH

Rotebühlstraße 64

70176 Stuttgart



2. Who may participate in the raffle?

All participants in the tcworld conference and tekom fair are eligible to participate. Employees of tekom Deutschland/tekom Europe/tcworld GmbH and members of the board of tekom Deutschland/tekom Europe are excluded from participation.

3. How do you enter the raffle?

To participate, visualize your emotions or whatever moves you about the tcworld conference, go with your result – let's call it artwork – to Café tekom on the conference platform 'tekom live' and sit down at the emoji table. Take a screenshot of your artwork there, proudly holding it up to the camera, and post this screenshot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn with the hashtag #cafétekomemoji by 10:00 AM on November 17.

4. What prize can be won?

The winner will receive a ticket to tcworld conference 2022. If the event takes place as a hybrid event, i.e. on site and digital, the winner can choose whether to attend on site or digitally. If the event takes place only digitally, the winner will receive a ticket for the digital event.

5. How will the winner be determined?

A winner will be drawn from all screenshots with the hashtag #cafétekomemoji posted by 10:00 AM on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

6. Announcement of the winner

The winner will be notified of their win via private message on the social media channel where they posted their screenshot and can contact us within 24 hours (by Thursday, 11/18) to claim their prize. If they do not do so, we will draw again. We will also announce the winner via our social media channels.

7. How will personal data be used?

For the raffle itself, only the first and last name of the participants will be used.

The winner will be named on our social media channels.

8. Legal

Legal claims are precluded.

Payment of the monetary value of the prize or its exchange is not possible. The ticket won is transferable.