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We are all in the same boat!

Special with raffle

Solidarity, mutual support and humanity are more important than ever in the current situation. Only if we all stick together, we can circumnavigate shallows and achieve great things together!

With this in mind, board the virtual tcworld conference in the spirit of cohesion!


How do I get on board?

  • Download the folding instructions PDF
  • Build your boat.
    Be creative and give it your own personal touch.
  • Present it on Thursday at 5:00 PM in Café tekom.
  • Share a photo of your boat on social media

Download folding instructions


Raffle - Prize ahoy!!

Among all folding boat builders who share their boat on social media (Twitter, XING or LinkedIn) we raffle off a ticket for the tekom-Frühjahrstagung 2021!

You want to find the treasure? Then send photographic proof - a screenshot of the post - to marketing@tekom.de by Thursday, 5.11. at 16:30 hrs. The winner will then be announced at Café tekom and notified by e-mail.

Good luck!

Terms and conditions of participation

By participating in the raffle, you agree to the terms and conditions of participation and the use of your personal data for the raffle as described therein. This includes a possible mention of your name as winner.

1. Who is the organizer of the raffle?

The Organizer is tcworld GmbH
Rotebühlstraße 64
70176 Stuttgart

2. Who may participate in the raffle?

All participants in tcworld conference 2020 are eligible to participate. Employees of tekom Germany/tekom Europe/tcworld GmbH and members of the executive board of tekom Germany/tekom Europe are not eligible to participate.

3. How do you participate in the raffle?

To participate, please download the folding boat sheet, print it out, fold the boat and share a picture of your boat on one of the following social media channels Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing. Then send a screenshot of the shared post to marketing@tekom.de by Thursday, November 4, 2020.

4 Which prize can be won?

The winner will receive a ticket to tekom Frühjahrstagung 2021. If the event takes place as a hybrid event, i.e. on site and virtually, the winner can choose whether to participate on site or virtually. If the event takes place purely virtually, the winner will receive a ticket for the virtual event.

5 How is the winner determined?

A winner will be drawn from all screenshots of the split folding boat posts received by marketing@tekom.de by Thursday, 5.11. at 16.30 hours.

6. announcement of the winners

The winner will be announced in the folding boat flash mob at Café tekom and will be notified by e-mail. The flashmob will take place on Thursday, November 5 at 5:00 PM in Café tekom.

7. how will the personal data be used?

For the competition itself only the first and last name of the participants will be used.

The winner will be named in the event.
After the event, we will use the winner's name and e-mail address to present the prize to the winner.

8. legal action

Legal action is precluded.

Payment of the monetary value of the prize or exchanging or transferring it to other persons is not possible.