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  • Alt-Moabit 91
  • 10559 Berlin (Germany)

Amplexor is a global content partner offering compliance, governance, digital experience, and language solutions. Established in 23 countries with more than 1,850 employees across four continents we deliver innovative solutions to tackle content-based challenges in the fields of aerospace and defense, automotive and manufacturing, consumer products, retail and distribution, energy, and environment, finance, life sciences, and the public sector.


  • Alt-Moabit 91
  • 10559 Berlin
  • Germany


  • Translation / Localization
  • Concepts / Processes / Software
  • Terminology Management
  • Translation and Localization
  • Law, Standards and CE Labeling
  • Terminology Management Systems
  • Translation Memory Systems
  • Software Localization Tools
  • Software for Machine Translation (MT)
  • Translation Workflow Systems/Review Tools