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  • Zwijnaardsesteenweg 316b
  • 9000 GENT (Belgium)

With a wide range of information solutions that meet the needs of today’s internationalized business world, Yamagata helps to connect enterprises with the end users of their products. Offering services such as content creation, design, translation, localization and omnichannel publishing from offices spread across the globe, the Yamagata information specialists have made it their mission to make everyone understand your message.


  • Zwijnaardsesteenweg 316b
  • 9000 GENT
  • Belgium


  • Development of Technical Documentation
  • Development of Software Documentation
  • Development of Mobile Documentations (e.g. Apps)
  • Translation / Localization
  • Data Processing and Migration
  • Concepts / Processes / Software
  • Terminology Management
  • Usability / User Experience
  • Software for Machine Translation (MT)
  • DITA