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Café tekom

Yes. As a visitor to the exhibition, you can also use the networking opportunities.

Go to Café tekom. From the reception area you can either go to the themed tables (Blue Salon) or to the open tables (Red Salon).

If you see a table with free seats, place the cursor on the unoccupied circle and click the plus icon.

Tip: You can also search for names and themed tables.

A BigBlueButton room is used for the table. The room is displayed in a browser tab. Close the tab with the "X".

1) Stop audio; 2) Start audio

Click on the telephone icon. The audio connection is terminated. Click the icon again to restart the audio connection. Click No on the echo test and you can select another audio source.

Note: In Mozilla Firefox, the selection of audio devices is not always displayed correctly.

1) Turn off the webcam; 2) Turn on the webcam.

Disconnect the webcam and then reconnect it. You can then select an alternative webcam from the drop-down list.

BigBlueButton will be used.

From the entrance area, you can reach the open tables or themed tables. For the sake of clarity, the tables are divided into niches. Every niche is one page with a maximum of five tables. Similar to image galleries, you can scroll to the next or previous niche using the arrow buttons.

Clicking on Café tekom brings you back to the entrance area of the Café.

Fair and Showrooms

Yes, you can move from one showroom to the next just like in a gallery. Display a showroom and scroll forward or back with the arrows.

Yes. Go to the exhibitor overview. There you can either filter the exhibitors by services or search for an exhibitor name using the search field.

Yes. The showrooms are staffed during the conference. Go to the exhibitor's showroom. You will see which consultant is currently in the showroom. Hover the mouse over the consultant's name; you will see which seat is vacant. Click on an unoccupied circle to enter the video call.

Tip: Next to the consultant name you will see two icons. These allow you to view the consultant profile or send a message to the consultant.

A BigBlueButton room is used for the video call. The room is displayed in a browser tab. Close the tab with the "X".

You have several options to arrange a time slot. Enter the showroom of the exhibitor.

  • Click on the business card box and send an appointment request to the exhibitor via form.
  • Click on the "i", fill in the fields in the form and then click on "Send Request Appointment".

In the showroom you can see which consultant is currently in the showroom. Move the mouse over the consultant's name to see which seat is free. Click on an unoccupied circle to enter the video call.

You can enter 5 minutes before the start.

View the sponsored session. To do this, go to the entrance hall and click on "sponsored session" in the event ticker on the left side. The tile view with the sponsored session is displayed. The tile shows LIVE when the link to the event is available. Click on the tile and then enter the room by clicking "save a spot".

You can call up the overview of exhibitor presentations directly in the entrance hall. You will see the complete overview. If you call up the detail page, you can go directly to the showroom. You can enter the exhibitor presentation room 5 minutes before the start.

Tip: Log in before.

BigBlueButton will be used.


Yes, the tekom NetworkingLounge is used for all conferences organized by tekom. Your contacts and messages will remain available. The tekom NetworkingLounge will also be integrated into 'my tekom'.

Display the list of attendees. Click on the plus symbol to the right of the attendee to be contacted. A message field appears. Complete this and send the request.

Only when the attendee confirms the contact request does he appear in your contact list.

1) No contact request send | 2) Open contact request | 3) Your contact

You can chat only with your contacts. You have sent a contact request to these people, but they have not confirmed the contact yet. This is an open contact request.

The chat is intended for direct exchange with your contacts and works like a messenger app. It is always a 1:1 chat.

The messages are similar to emails. For example, you use them to make contact.

In the tekom NetworkingLounge you can make contacts with all conference attendees and exhibition visitors. You network in a similar way to a social networking site (for example, LinkedIn). You can also send messages to your contacts or exchange information via text chat.

You have probably selected "Listen only" as the audio setting. You can recognize this by the headset icon at the bottom right of the participant list. You will also see a headset instead of a microphone icon in the functions.

Solution: Click on the headset icon to end the audio connection. Now click on the crossed-out microphone symbol and select "With microphone".

Yes, the tekom NetworkingLounge is linked to 'tekom live' and the conference page. The main navigation includes the items Contacts, Messages and Chat . You can see how many new contact requests, messages and chat entries you have.