tekom - conferences

Presentation Topics

The topics of interest for tcworld conference 2024 include, but are not limited to:

Content Creation

  • Structuring methods with or without XML
  • DITA and S1000D data model for technical writing
  • Software tools for structured authoring
  • Making content intelligent with metadata
  • Content Generation
  • Unser-generated Content
  • Content Mash-Ups
  • Elimination of information silos
  • Data editing

Intelligent Delivery of User Information

  • Implementation and use of CCMS
  • CCMS – modules, evaluation and efficiency
  • Automated publishing processes
  • Managing translation processes with CCMS
  • Content delivery portals
  • Cross-media/cross-channel publishing
  • Networking type for content delivery
  • Inclusion of new sources
  • ERP/PLM systems as sources of content
  • Product data editing and cross-linking for IOT
  • iiRDS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Technical Communication

  • Neural networks
  • Knowledge management
  • Intelligent assistance systems (gesture control etc.)
  • Auto-generated content  (ChatGPT, text to speech, text to media, reliability, copyright, etc.)

Mobile Documentation

  • Business cases
  • Advantages and disadvantages of mobile browser versions vs. app programming
  • Handling app data
  • Editorial process design for mobile documentation (modular writing, modular data management, automation)
  • Operation concepts and navigation
  • Technical background of app programming
  • Communication strategies for mobile documentation

Analysis and Content Strategy

  • Search and analytics (clickstream analysis, web tracking, web statistics)
  • Search Engine Optimization/Advertising (SEO/SEA)
  • Web analysis tools
  • User feedback
  • Social feedback
  • Inbound marketing

New User Interfaces / Immersive Content

  • Concepts, scenarios
  • Information modeling
  • Authoring tools, media production, …
  • Linking to content mangagement output
  • App applications
  • Wearables, head-up displays, tablets
  • Chatbots
  • Object recognition, 3D models, building information modeling (BIM)…
  • Speech & Voice
  • Voice control

Service Information

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Digital maintenance plans
  • Digital service apps
  • AR / VR / MR
  • Gesture control
  • Intelligent information publishing
  • Smart Glasses

Social User Assistance

  • Social UA tools and platforms (from YouTube to Messenger)
  • Usage and value of communities to assist users
  • User and usage tracking (know your users and their needs)
  • Peer-to-peer user assistance
  • Content tagging and SEO
  • Content harvesting – learn from your community and reuse
  • From technical writer to topic evangelist in a community

New Learning – New Documentation

  • Changes in media use
  • Didactics
  • Knowledge media
  • Web-based training (WBT)/Web-based learning (WBL)
  • Gamification
  • Storytelling
  • Learning and support
  • User empowerment
  • E-Learning

Beyond Technical Documentation…

  • New mindset in the editorial office
  • Personal stories
  • New Work
  • Working Out Loud


Legal Requirements and Standards

  • Legal requirements for technical documentation; product liability and product safety law
  • Standards at the national and international level
  • General and horizontal standards
  • Product standards and industry standards (revisions, new standards…)
  • Copyright law (in connection with suppliers' technical documentation and translation services, especially translation memory)
  • Aspects of contract law (e.g. relationships with suppliers)

International Management

  • Characteristics of different markets
  • Managing international teams
  • Strategies for internationalization and localization
  • Business culture in…
  • Translation or product development for special regions (e.g. Asia, Eastern Europe, etc.)
  • New approaches to localization
  • How to take your business global

Technical Authoring

  • Research and interview techniques
  • Target audience analysis
  • Didactics of instructions
  • Writing and work techniques
  • Text comprehensibility
  • Index creation
  • User feedback
  • NEW: Pain language

Visual Communication

  • Concepts
  • Technical illustration
  • Designing pictograms
  • Adopting CAD for creating graphics
  • 3D animation, WebGL
  • Graphic standards for technical communication

Technical Videos

  • Scripting storyboards for technical videos
  • Pre-production, technical requirements
  • Filming technical videos on site
  • Post-production – editing, scoring, embedding
  • Tools for video editing
  • Creating computer-/web-based training sessions
  • Target formats for technical videos and video players
  • 3D videos
  • Interactivity, searchability, navigation, linking to social media
  • Animated explanatory videos

User Experience

  • Tips and tricks/best practices
  • Test and evaluation process (e.g. usability assessments, customer surveys, site visits)
  • Analyses of user behavior, use cases
  • Rules for the design of user-friendly interfaces (GUI)
  • Use case-oriented delilvery, customer journey
  • Use-Case-orientierte Bereitstellung, Customer Journey
  • Designing online help
  • UX Copywriting
  • NEW: Accessiblity

Scripting & Tools

  • Web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • JSON
  • VBA
  • Programming languages

Software Documentation (English contributions only)

  • API Documentation
  • Docs as Code
  • Service and Maintenance via Software Update
  • Machine Operation via Software
  • Agile Software Documentation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Release Notes
  • Static Websites, Markdown, Editorial Workflows, Git-based
  • Blockchain
  • Open-Source- und do-it-yourself-Tools
  • NEW: Content Operations, CaaS, DocOps

Language and Translation Technologies

  • Introduction of tools and translation management systems (TMS)
  • Machine translation
  • Post-editing machine translation
  • Language technology applications and methods for technical communication
  • Translation automation and workflow automation tools
  • Translation quality management
  • Localization of software interfaces
  • Trends in language technology
  • Language quality assessment strategies

Technical Translation

  • Legal aspects
  • Use of machine translation
  • Writing for translation
  • Revision and post-editing
  • Process and workflow
  • Specific requirements for technical translation


  • Terminology extraction procedures
  • Development and use of terminology databanks
  • Collaborative terminology management
  • Terminology checking procedures
  • Terminology processes in business
  • Exchange of terminological data
  • Terminology and knowledge representation (taxonomies, ontologies, linked open data)

Young Technical Writers

  • Exciting final theses (experiences at entry-level)
  • Research projects
  • First practical projects

Career and Personal Development (Workshops only)

  • Stress management
  • Self-coaching
  • Creativity techniques
  • Starting a business

Project, Team and Cost Management in Technical Communication

  • Change management
  • Designing review processes
  • Human resources management and development
  • Agile project management
  • Key figures
  • Vendor sourcing and management
  • Cost and performance accounting in TD
  • Change management (organization)
  • NEW: Remote-Teams