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The keynote is an inspiring presentation by an experienced speaker who gets the audience in the right mood, motivating them and giving them new momentum.


In lectures, experts present their experiences, new trends, completed projects and Best Practices live in a 45-minute presentation with a discussion following in the chat. The video recordings are available to all attendees afterwards.


In 105 interactive minutes, topics are worked through in small groups in a practical manner, followed by Q&A and discussion sessions.


Partner Presentations

Manufacturers and service providers present a case study in 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A and discussion session. 


Example for a Partner Presentation

You see the "Partner Presentation" "The Force of Habit - Intuitive User Assistance" with Leonie Saremba (Remira) and Anton Bollen (TechSmith Corp) on tcworld conference 2022. For more information, check out the Online Meetup "Become a speaker" where potential speakers answered open-ended questions and shared ideas on May 12.



Meetups are open meeting places on specific topics, where all interested parties can get involved, exchange ideas and network.



In our 60-minute tutorials, including Q&A and discussion sessions, experts introduce you to modern applications or methods that will enrich your everyday work or projects.



In a moderated showcase, concrete applications and practical examples are presented in short presentations.  Various speakers will give 10-15 minute reports on use cases, business cases or development processes. To conclude, the speakers will be available for questions, and there will be room for discussion.