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Enter the internal area to plan and organize your customized conference visit.

Participants with conference ticket

  • Reserve your place in lectures, meetings etc. starting mid-September.
  • Enter the virtual rooms during the conference
  • Give feedback afterwards


  • Manage your submitted articles and go to the event.

Exhibition managers

  • Update your exhibitor information as required.


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Questions and Answers

Logging in is necessary to participate in tcworld conference 2020. By logging in, you enter the internal area 'my conference tool'. Many functions are available there.

Before the conference: Plan and organize your customized conference visit. After purchasing your conference ticket, you will be able to reserve the events you want to attend starting mid-September.

During the conference: You can enter the virtual rooms of your previously reserved events via 'my conference tool'.

After the conference: Watch recorded lectures, download presentation slides and give feedback.

Important: These functions are only available after purchasing a conference ticket. Have you bought your ticket yet?

Get your conference ticket

No, you can either use your existing user account for 'my tekom' or 'my conference tool', or you will receive access data for your automatically created user account from our conference team after purchasing your conference ticket.

Select the line that applies to you and follow the instructions step by step.


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