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Globalese GmbH

  • Gilbertstr. 66
  • 54290 Trier (Germany)

100% custom. 100% neural.

Globalese is a platform that helps users train custom neural machine translation models. It comes with pre-trained stock engines and stock training data in over 40 language combinations that can be used as a base to train models tailored for your needs.

Globalese is easy to use. It has a user-friendly, browser-based user interface. Globalese allows you to reuse training resources across engines easily. Trained custom Globalese models can be consumed via CAT tool plugins or REST API calls. Globalese is very efficient when it comes to the translation of technical documentations containing multiple specific terms, non-translatable items, references, and complex formatting like XML or DITA based documents.

You can run Globalese in a SaaS model in the cloud as well as in a private hosting scenario.

Globalese GmbH

  • Gilbertstr. 66
  • 54290 Trier
  • Germany


  • Technical Documentation
  • Software Documentation
  • Translation and Localization
  • Software for Machine Translation (MT)