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Graphic Recordings by Henk Wijnands

Sara Stein

"In an era of TMI (too much information), infographics help to convey complex information quickly to a global audience. Leveraging visual language effectively will make your data stand out so your message is understood."


Jennifer J. Black

"In fast-paced SaaS environments, you must focus on the needs of your customers but also avoid exhaustion and burnout. Incorporate Agile techniques like pair writing into your practice to better collaborate with coworkers and quickly produce high-quality technical documentation."


Hans-Jörg Elsen, Luca Raimondo

"Writing documentation can be a nightmare if people don’t have the tools they need. With the Docs-as-code approach we make it easy for our developers, product managers, and UX experts to collaboratively create documentation."


Michael Schroeder

"Define your framework, specify your verification rules, and get your keyboard ready – post-edit technical translations like a pro with these tricks up your sleeve."