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LecturePartner presentationShowcase*TutorialWorkshopMeetups*
to convey informationto convey informationto convey informationto learnto learnServes the exchange and networking between the participants in small groups
Lecture with following discussions

Presentation of a case study
(manufacturer and service provider)
Starting point is the situation at the manufacturer

Short presentations with oncrete applications and practical examples

Practical presentation of an application or method

Interactive group work with the attendees;
strong practical relevance

Moderated discussion between the participants

no product presentation, no advertisement

Duration: 45 minutes, including 15 minutes questions and discussion

Duration: 45 minutes, including 15 minutes questions and discussion

Duration: 20 minutes, including 10 minutes questions and discussion

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes, including questions and discussionDuration: 105 minutes, including questions and discussionDuration:60 - 90 minutes
without confirmation of participationwith confirmation of participationwithout confirmation of participationwithout confirmation of participation

*Meetup Phases which the moderator guide through. The main goal is “Quality is better that Quantity” – subjectic success is more important than rules or the number of topics. No Agenda is required!




  • from participants

  • from the topics

  • concisely and precise

  • put topics together

  • max. 10 minutes

  • from topics

  • from order

  • eventually discuss 1-2 topics

  • discussion and networking as well possible after the Meetup

  •  from each topic

  •  initiate questions

  •  balanced participation

  •  discussion without fear - no polarization

  •  time keeper - eventually vote about extension

* Showcase

In a moderated showcase, concrete applications and practical examples are presented in short presentations.  Various speakers will give 10- to 15-minute reports on use cases, business cases or development processes.

To conclude, the speakers will be available for questions, and there will be room for discussion.