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Aligning Industry 4.0 with technical communication through Content as a Service

  • Presentation
  • Analysis and Content Strategy
  • 08. November
  • 09:30 - 10:15 AM (CET)
  • C4.2/3
  • finished
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  • Sarah S. O'Keefe

    • Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.


Industry 4.0 requires us to break down technical content into small particles with little or no control over where the information might be delivered. To support this need, we should consider Content as a Service (CaaS). CaaS means that you make content available through an API and defer rendering and publishing until the content is requested. With CaaS, we can also bring together content and data from incompatible sources.


  • What is Content as a Service?
  • Why is CaaS important?
  • What are the possibilities with CaaS?

Prior knowledge

General tech comm expertise and some content strategy or document planning


Sarah S. O'Keefe

  • Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.

Sarah founded Scriptorium in 1997 to answer a simple question: “How can we use technology to improve content and publishing?” Driven by learning and exploration, she takes pride in providing a meaningful contribution to the world of customer-facing content and beyond. As a pioneer in the content industry, she’s authored several books, and is the driving force behind Scriptorium.