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Collaborative Terminology Management

  • Presentation
  • Terminology
  • 04. November
  • 14:00 - 14:45 o'clock (CET)
  • Channel D | Online
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  • Mr. Ken De Wachter

    Mr. Ken De Wachter

    • Collibra and Flynxo


Your company knows that terminology is important. Every team uses the same terms, consistent definitions and the same, clear examples. Your users know all of the terms, and know where to find further information.

Back to reality… Every company struggles with aligning terminology across all teams. That’s normal, and it shows that your colleagues care! This session will give you hands-on tips and tricks to collaborate with colleagues on terminology.


  • Who are the stakeholders of terminology?
  • How can they help build and maintain your company’s terminology?
  • What is the role of the tech writer in terminology management?

Prior knowledge

None, though some experience with technical writing in team will help.


Mr. Ken De Wachter

Mr. Ken De Wachter

  • Collibra and Flynxo

Ken De Wachter is a Technical Writer at Collibra. He is also the founder of Flynxo, a small-scale consultancy company, specializing in technical communication, terminology, translation technology and multilingual documentation worfklows.