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Content Operations Workshop: From content strategy to an operational model

  • Workshop / Interactive Session
  • Analysis and Content Strategy
  •  Rahel Bailie

    Rahel Bailie

    • Content, Seriously Consulting Ltd


Industry is starting to embrace the idea of content operations but knows little about what it means, other than "something like DevOps only for content". Learn the principles behind ContentOps, the connection between content strategy and an operational model, ways that organizations have implemented the practices, and how you can make use of content operations in your own situation.


Attendees will learn about the principles of content operations, how to use a content strategy to develop an operational model, and how an operational model fuels a high-demand environment.

Prior knowledge

Responsible for managing content production or influencing processes and operating budget.


 Rahel Bailie

Rahel Bailie

  • Content, Seriously Consulting Ltd

Rahel Anne Bailie, a content operations consultant, uses her knowledge of technical and editorial content aspects to address complex content problems. She develops content strategies for efficient content operations, building robust systems for scale, personalization, and effective content delivery.