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Documenting Agile Products in Continuous Delivery Cycles

  • Presentation
  • Project, Team and Cost Management in Technical Communication
  • 05. November
  • 11:00 - 11:45 o'clock (CET)
  • Channel D | Online
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  • Mr. Ken De Wachter

    Mr. Ken De Wachter

    • Collibra and Flynxo


More and more companies use agile development for continuous improvement and delivery of their (cloud-based) applications. Most technical writers are not very enthusiastic about the impact on their work. However, by organizing the documentation process to embrace the apparent chaos, you can become a champion of agile writing and continuous delivery!


  1. Basics of agile and continuous delivery
  2. Challenges of agile and continuous delivery, from obtaining information to delivering documentation
  3. Implementing agile writing and continuous delivery 

Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of technical writing


Mr. Ken De Wachter

Mr. Ken De Wachter

  • Collibra and Flynxo

Ken De Wachter is a Technical Writer at Collibra. He is also the founder of Flynxo, a small-scale consultancy company, specializing in technical communication, terminology, translation technology and multilingual documentation worfklows.