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Intent-based IA: A methodical approach to designing information

  • Presentation
  • Analysis and Content Strategy
  • 09. November
  • 15:05 - 15:50 PM (CET)
  • C5.2/3
  •  Vishal Palliyathu

    Vishal Palliyathu

    • Cisco


The Intent-based IA strategy introduces a new design methodology that walks the audience through primary and secondary affordances - powerful ideas that helps demystify contemporary IA paradigms and helps them leverage their existing documentation libraries to better hand-hold customers into a seamless Intent-based Information Architecture.



This session empowers you with a fresh perspective on product evolution, provides you with a better understanding on how to handhold customers through the docs, and also enables you to create an efficient Content Strategy.

Prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of Information Architecture


 Vishal Palliyathu

Vishal Palliyathu

  • Cisco

Vishal George Palliyathu is a seasoned professional at Cisco, and has led several transformation and migration efforts with a strong focus on better information design and UX during his sixteen year experience at Cisco and IBM. He has experience across various facets of Technical Literature Publishing - as a DITA Strategist, Information Architect, Editor, Author, Build Smith and an Inventor with multiple patents and papers published on the DITA framework.