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Let’s fix it! Rules of thumb for UX usability and writing

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  • User Experience
  • 03. November
  • 11:30 - 12:15 o'clock (CET)
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  •  Hadas Khen

    Hadas Khen


During user experience (UX) design stages, text writing, and development, things can easily go amiss. But, with awareness and realization, you can get your user interface (UI) messaging back on track.

Heuristics guide UX designers and writers, as well as the researchers who evaluate and measure UI usability.  Established heuristics, such as those developed by Jakob Nielsen, reveal insights that help design teams—including writers—enhance product usability.

So, what happens when heuristics are ignored or forgotten? The user experience suffers—while some users will just roll their eyes and carry on, others will contact support, or worse case, uninstall your app or stop using your website.

We’ll look at 10 main heuristics and how they contribute to a positive and effective user experience.


User experience is all about, well, the user. Heuristics help identify UI usability issues and enable the UX team to…

  • Keep users informed
  • Speak their lingo
  • Give them control
  • Identify what’s happening
  • Handle errors
  • Not tax their memory
  • Enjoy efficiency
  • Keep them Zen
  • Recover and move on
  • Get ‘Help’


 Hadas Khen

Hadas Khen


I’ve been a writer—sales and product marketing, technical, and UX—in very diverse industries. I morphed into tech writing while at a semiconductor design center, moved to cyber intelligence, and now work at an app attribution company.

I love writing and editing most (not all!) types of text but, once I discovered microcopy, sparks flew, and I fell in love. Microcopy is like a puzzle—finding the exact words needed to briefly, yet clearly, guide users through the UI to reach their goal. To say so much, with so little!