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Putting Ontologies to Use


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  • Intelligent Delivery of User Information
  • 02. November
  • 10:30 - 11:15 o'clock (CET)
  • Channel E | Online
  •  Magnus Vinterhav

    Magnus Vinterhav


Semantic technology fits very well with the field of Technical Documentation. The ways it can be used in this field are many, but it can initially be challenging. Magnus shows some ways to simplify the work with RDF and gives some advice when creating ontologies.

RDF or graph technology is an almost necessary ingredient in scalable, dynamic information systems.


We will take a look at why it is a unique way of solving challenges in information systems and some examples on how to make it easier. This talk will also be an encouragement for everyone who wants to try to understand how this can be used in practice. After this, we hope that some participants will start ontologizing on their own.


 Magnus Vinterhav

Magnus Vinterhav


Magnus Vinterhav works as an IT consultant in the Stockholm area. He has worked a lot with Documentation, Solution Architecture and System- and Data-Integration. The last years he has primarily focused on integrations and has a special interest in data integration, which he believes is a necessity in a world with ever-increasing data volumes.