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Speaking about content to stakeholders: a proposal

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  • 02. November
  • 15:00 - 15:45 o'clock (CET)
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  •  Daniel Barrio Fierro

    Daniel Barrio Fierro

    • Dolby Laboratories


Technical Communicators often struggle to communicate with stakeholders, finding that partners disregard nuance as hair-splitting and fail to incorporate input from technical communicators and content professionals on their decision-making process. The specialized jargon of the technical communicator does sometimes resonate with product owners or engineers, but without careful weighting there is a high risk of stumbling into false friends, where parties recognize each other’s language but extract different meanings from it. Successful technical communicators rely on controlled vocabularies to ensure the intelligibility of the content they produce; a case is made for the maintenance of controlled vocabularies for internal communications.


  • Case studies of terminological conflicts in internal communications
  • A proposal for a simplified controlled vocabulary for communication between technical communications departments and their stakeholders.


 Daniel Barrio Fierro

Daniel Barrio Fierro

  • Dolby Laboratories

Information architect by trade, linguist by education, Daniel Barrio Fierro has created documentation and taxonomies for companies like Google, Volvo and Nokia. He is proud to lead a team of technical writers and publishing engineers at Dolby Poland, making it clear to anyone working with a Dolby technology how to accomplish their tasks. In 2017 co-founded MeetContent, a Polish community of practice for technical communicators.