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Support of Technical Communication to manufacturing companies in time of COVID-19

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  • 04. November
  • 16:00 - 16:45 o'clock (CET)
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  • Matteo Montevecchi

    • Studio Montevecchi
  • Marco Mirri

    • Studio Montevecchi


The international emergency situation limits and makes the delivery difficult and in particular the installation of machines, lines and systems at customers’ premises around the world.

Ensuring the highest level of safety for specialist personnel is a priority .

Remote support in remote assistance, dedicated systems or shared social platforms, AR and advanced communication tools can and must become the solutions for a new way of managing and connecting the customer to the manufacturer .


The proposed intervention presents and proposes alternative solutions to manage and carry out activities usually performed on site that the pandemic emergency has made difficult or impossible.


Matteo Montevecchi

  • Studio Montevecchi

Head of Communication, project manager, ITC manager of Studio Montevecchi, Imola (Bologna) – Italy

Marco Mirri

  • Studio Montevecchi

Technical Manager for manuals, writing and illustration and project manager of Studio Montevecchi, Imola (Bologna) – Italy