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Un-Excel your translator queries and turn translators into usability testers!

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  • GALA
  • 15. November
  • 14:00 - 14:45 PM (CET)
  • C7.2
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  •  Klaus Fleischmann

    Klaus Fleischmann

    • Kaleidoscope GmbH


No one reads a text as carefully as translators, except for lawyers maybe. Would it not be cool to benefit from this usability test and identify passages in your content that are ambiguous, imprecise, or simply wrong? Too much work? That´s because very likely, you are still sending around Excel lists, flooding e-mail inboxes, or misusing ticketing systems without any integration into your processes. But it can be done if you start to work systematically and collaboratively, share and document findings among the team, and even return them to the content creators to fix the issues right in the source.<gwmw style="display:none;"></gwmw>


The audience will learn how to systematically and collaboratively use translator queries to increase quality and reduce costs at the same time


 Klaus Fleischmann

Klaus Fleischmann

  • Kaleidoscope GmbH

Klaus Fleischmann studierte Konferenzdolmetschen in Wien und Monterey, USA, sowie Technische Kommunikation in Krems. 1996 gründete er und leitet seither die Kaleidoscope GmbH als System- und Beratungshaus für Global Content. Seit 2007 ist er Geschäftsführer der eurocom Translation Services GmbH.