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Which impact does user feedback have on the software development cycle and overall user experience?

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  • User Experience
  • 05. November
  • 15:00 - 15:45 o'clock (CET)
  • Channel E | Online
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  •  Maiken Blok-Wahlgreen

    Maiken Blok-Wahlgreen

    • TimeLog A/S


Learn how a customer centered approach and listening to user feedback help companies improve the user experience through their software development cycles. In this particular case, we look into how it was done in practice at TimeLog A/S, which is a software company developing a software for professional services automation.


The aim is to show how theory can be turned into practice, which initiatives companies need to work with and if it is beneficial to invest both time and money in a customer centered approach.

Prior knowledge

The audience does not necessarily need any previous knowledge about the field, but it is beneficial, if they work with software development.


 Maiken Blok-Wahlgreen

Maiken Blok-Wahlgreen

  • TimeLog A/S

My career started in pharmaceutical research, but I changed focus during my communication studies at Copenhagen Business School. I became a technical communicator by coincidence, when my passion for languages, (cultural) communication and writing could be combined with the CX focus at TimeLog.