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K15t GmbH

  • Ostendstr. 110
  • 70188 Stuttgart (Germany)

Who is K15t?

Connect the potential of your product with the skills of your users with K15t’s Scroll solution. Scroll provides a self-service knowledge base that supports both your team and your customers.

Collaborative Documentation with Confluence and Scroll

Converting and retaining happy customers starts by communicating your product and the value it delivers. Scroll provides a secure, cloud-based collaboration and knowledge management solution that will enable your customers, employees and partners with the information they need anytime, anywhere.

Publish content as a help center, public or private knowledge base, or deliver content offline as custom-styled PDF and Word documents. Built on Confluence and trusted by 60,000+ customers worldwide, this solution is ready to amplify your team's knowledge and inspire collaboration right from the start.

K15t GmbH

  • Ostendstr. 110
  • 70188 Stuttgart
  • Germany


  • Technical Documentation
  • Software Documentation
  • Analysis / Concepts / Processes / Software
  • Information Management
  • Editors / Editorial Systems / Content Management
  • Help Authoring Tools (HAT)