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JIRA As a Hub for Automatic Release Note Creation

  • Tutorial
  • Software Documentation
  • 02. November
  • 14:00 - 15:00 o'clock (CET)
  • Channel C | Online
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  •  Corry Clybouw

    Corry Clybouw

    • DH Healthcare GmbH (Dedalus Group)


To solve a number of timing and completeness issues, we integrated the creation of release information in the issue tracking and requirement management tool JIRA. Metadata related to product versions, country scope, languages, etc allows to distill release note documents from the system and deliver them in different languages. The release notes contain reviewed and validated information on both new functionalities and solved defects.


How to map different steps in release note creation to the agile software development process, implement in the workflow JIRA, set up metadata and integrate with translation tools + what to avoid.

Prior knowledge

This tutorial can be mapped to any issue tracking tool, but is particularly interesting for JIRA users.


 Corry Clybouw

Corry Clybouw

  • DH Healthcare GmbH (Dedalus Group)

Passionate technical writer and information architect. Special fields of interest: single-sourcing, multi-language authoring, localization of documentation, analysis of workflows and processes, integration of documentation software development.