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Leveraging infographics in documentation

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  •  Sara Stein

    Sara Stein


Most people don't like to read, and they process images much faster than text. In an age of online documentation, infographics can help your audience to process information quickly and easily. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the added value of infographics, the main infographic types (workflows, data flows, timelines, and conceptual), the basics of visual language, and how to make your message stand out.


Using infographics, you'll learn how to simplify complex processes in a visual way, and promote a positive customer experience. You'll learn how to apply visual language cues, and get free tools to create and enhance your infographics.

Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge is required.


 Sara Stein

Sara Stein


My passion is visual documentation. With over 20 years' experience as a technical communicator and a background in cognitive psychology and design, my goal is to make online documentation easier to understand and promote an optimal customer experience.