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Qualia, Quanta, and AI-based Learning Systems

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  • User Experience
  • 05. November
  • 09:30 - 10:15 o'clock (CET)
  • Channel D | Online
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  •  Ray Gallon

    Ray Gallon

    • The Transformation Society


In the AI era, the driving energy for qualitative transformation does not come purely from technology, but from the way people experience and react to technology – a phenomenon known as Qualia that defines User Experience. This presentation presents a top-down/bottom-up bridging model of a smart learning system based on AI using a contextual approach that allows every user to follow their own learning style, and allows quantifiable evaluation.


Participants will share real challenges and learn about strategies for individualised, contextual learning driven by AI and how to adapt it to provide high-quality learning objects (quanta) that enhance User Experience (Qualia).

Prior knowledge

It's not required, but it's helpful if participants have some notions of learning theory, and how AI-driven learning environments have been envisioned to date.


 Ray Gallon

Ray Gallon

  • The Transformation Society

Ray Gallon is president of The Transformation Society and the Information 4.0 Consortium. He is the author of books and articles about technical communication, instructional design, content strategy, and emerging technologies, and a speaker on communications throughout the world.