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Sustainable products and product support with ILS

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  • 02. November
  • 09:30 - 10:15 o'clock (CET)
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  •  Carl-Magnus Olesen

    Carl-Magnus Olesen

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How interesting is a new car with extremely low energy consumption and amazing comfort if it:

  • Starts only one time out of ten?
  • Need to be charged after five kilometers?
  • Need service once a month?

In today’s business environment, efficient products with high reliability are a must, but still it is the performance of the product that everyone is looking for.


This presentation will cover, on a high level, how Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) can help you to have a sustainable product that can be supported over time.


 Carl-Magnus Olesen

Carl-Magnus Olesen

  • Projectline

Carl-Magnus has worked extensively in companies with global sales, it has given him valuable experience of leadership and from leadership in different cultures. He has worked privately and governmentally, including as Project & Purchasing Director, Product Manager, Project Manager and Technical Officer in the Navy. To develop and optimize products and services that support the core product during the life cycle ie. The "total product" is an area that Carl-Magnus is particularly interested in.